Which memory is faster cache or flash memory?

Which memory is faster cache or flash memory?

I. Different subjects

1, cache: is a high-speed memory with a faster access speed than the general random access memory (RAM).

2, memory: is one of the important parts of the computer copy, it is the external memory and the CPU to communicate with the bridge.

3, flash memory: a form of electronically removable programmable read-only memory, allowing the operation of the memory to be erased or written many times.

Which memory is faster cache or flash memory?

Second, the characteristics of different

1, cache: not like the main memory of the system as the use of DRAM technology, but the use of expensive but faster SRAM technology.

2、Memory: The operation of memory also determines the stable operation of the computer. Memory sticks are composed of memory chips, circuit boards, gold fingers, and other parts.

3、Flash Memory: It is a special kind of EPROM that is written by macroblock erasure. a single erase of flash memory will erase the data on the whole chip.

Which memory is faster cache or flash memory?

Third, the role of different

1, cache: can be high-speed data exchange storage zd device, it is before the memory and the CPU to exchange data, so the rate is very fast.

2, memory: the role is used to temporarily store the CPU in the operation of the data, as well as with the hard disk and other external memory exchange data.

3, flash memory: is a non-volatile memory, that is, power failure data will not be lost. Because flash memory does not rewrite data in units of bytes like RAM (Random Access Memory), it cannot replace RAM.

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