Kingston FURY Beast ddr5 5600 RGB

Kingston FURY Beast ddr5 5600 RGB

The Kingston FURY Beast DDR5-5600 RGB is an advanced and visually striking DDR5 memory module that combines high-speed performance with vibrant RGB lighting. Engineered to enhance gaming experiences and demanding workloads, this module offers cutting-edge technology for users seeking top-tier memory solutions.

Basic Parameters:

Memory TypeDDR5
CapacityVaries (e.g., 8GB, 16GB, 32GB)
Speed5600 MHz
Form FactorDIMM
RGB LightingYes
VoltageStandard DDR5 voltage
CompatibilityCompatible with DDR5-enabled motherboards

Performance Parameters:

CAS Latency (CL)Varies (e.g., CL32, CL36)
TimingVaries (e.g., 32-36-36)
BandwidthHigh data transfer rates for improved performance
Heat SpreaderIncluded for efficient heat dissipation
XMP SupportYes, for easy overclocking
ReliabilityKingston’s reliable memory technology

Please note that specific details such as capacity options and exact timings may vary based on the specific model and version of the Kingston FURY Beast DDR5 5600 RGB module.

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