Kingston Hacker God FURY DDR4 3200

Kingston Hacker God FURY DDR4 3200

The Kingston Hacker God FURY 16GB DDR4 3200 is a high-performance memory module designed for desktop systems. This memory module, produced by Kingston, is part of the FURY series, known for its reliability and speed. With a capacity of 16GB and a DDR4 type, it offers seamless multitasking and efficient data processing. Operating at a frequency of 3200MHz, it ensures a smooth computing experience, making it ideal for gaming and other demanding applications. The module features a distinctive design and is equipped with a heat spreader for effective heat dissipation. Overall, the Kingston Hacker God FURY DDR4 3200 is a reliable choice for users seeking enhanced system performance.

Basic Parameters:

Applicable TypeDesktop
Capacity DescriptionSingle (16GB)
Memory TypeDDR4
Memory Frequency3200MHz
Number of Pins288-pin

Technical Parameters:

CL Latency18

Additional Parameters:

Heat SpreaderEquipped with heat spreader
Operating Voltage1.2V
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