Intel Core i5-10400F Parameters and FAQ

Intel Core i5-10400F Parameters and FAQ

Intel Core i5-10400F is a mid-range desktop processor from Intel’s 10th generation Comet Lake family. It has six cores and twelve threads, with a base clock speed of 2.9 GHz and a maximum boost clock speed of 4.3 GHz. The processor has a 12MB cache and supports DDR4 memory up to 2666 MHz.

The i5-10400F does not have integrated graphics, which means it requires a dedicated graphics card to output video. It supports Intel Hyper-Threading Technology, which allows each core to handle two threads simultaneously, improving multitasking performance. The processor also supports Intel Turbo Boost Technology, which dynamically increases the clock speed of the processor when needed to deliver extra performance.

In terms of performance, the i5-10400F is a solid choice for mainstream gaming and productivity tasks. It can handle most modern games at 1080p resolution with moderate settings, and it performs well in applications such as photo and video editing. The processor is also relatively energy-efficient, with a TDP (thermal design power) of 65 watts.

Intel Core i5-10400F Specs

Basic Specifications
CPU SeriesCore i5 10th Gen
Manufacturing Process14nm
Core CodeComet Lake-S
Package FormBoxed
Release Date2020 Q2
Performance Specifications
CPU Base Frequency2.9GHz
Max Turbo Frequency4.3GHz
Number of Cores6
Number of Threads12
L3 Cache12MB
Bus SpecificationDMI3 8GT/s
Thermal Design Power (TDP)65W
Memory Specifications
Max Supported Memory128GB
Memory TypeDDR4 2666MHz
Max Memory Channels2
Max Memory Bandwidth41.6GB/s
Package Specifications
Socket TypeLGA 1200
Package Size37.5×37.5mm
Technology Specifications
Max Turbo Boost TechnologySupport, 2.0
Turbo Boost TechnologySupport
Hyper-Threading TechnologySupport
Virtualization TechnologyIntel VT-x
Instruction SetSSE4.1/4.2, AVX2
64-bit ProcessorSupport
Other TechnologiesThermal Monitoring Technologies

Intel Core i5-10400F FAQ

Intel Core i5-10400F Parameters and FAQ

Is Intel Core i5 10400F processor good for gaming?

Intel Core i5 10400F is a good choice for gaming. While its performance may not be top-of-the-line, its specifications and features can meet the needs of most games and provide stable frame rates. However, for some games with particularly high requirements or for users who want to play games at the highest graphics settings, a more advanced processor may be needed. Overall, if you are a gaming enthusiast and want to play the latest games at medium to high graphics settings, Intel Core i5 10400F is a good choice.

Does i5 10400F have graphics?

The Intel Core i5-10400F does not include integrated graphics. It is a processor without a built-in graphics unit. This means that if you want to use the processor for tasks that require graphics capabilities, such as gaming or video editing, you will need to use a discrete graphics card.

The lack of integrated graphics on the i5 10400F is not unique to this processor. Many Intel processors in the Core i5 and Core i3 lines do not include integrated graphics. This is because the focus of these processors is on providing high performance for tasks that are not graphics-intensive, such as office work, web browsing, and basic gaming.

If you need a processor with integrated graphics, Intel offers several options in its processor lines, such as the Intel Core i5-10500H, which includes Intel UHD Graphics. However, if you are building a system for gaming or other graphics-intensive tasks, it is generally recommended to use a discrete graphics card for better performance.

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